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Presenting your Online Photos in Full Screen, Slide Show Format!

Please click below to view some of our OLRMAX samples:
105 West 89th Street
300 Central Park West
311 West 74th Street
721 Fifth Avenue
Q:  How Do I order OLRMAX?
  A: Starting today, you can order OLRMAX the same way that you would order a standard photo shoot. Just designate the OLRMAX option when ordering.

  What is the cost of OLRMAX?
  A:  OLRMAX is only available in High Resolution Print Ready formatting.
If you order the OLRMAX option, the additional cost for both OLRMAX and Six or Twelve Print Ready stills is just $149 for 6 (plus tax) or $249.00 for 12 (plus tax) for the entire photo shoot.

  What is the turn-around-time for OLRMAX?
  A:  Same as for our standard shoots, just 48 business hours.

Q:  Where can I show my OLRMAX photos?
  A:  OLRMAX photos will be viewable on both the public and broker-to-broker sides of OLR.
Provided your company web site has an appropriate viewer, these can also be seen on your web site. 

  Does OLR still provide Virtual Tours? 
  A:  Yes, for an additional $189.00 (plus tax), OLR will provide you up to Four (4) Virtual Tours for any photography shoot.

Q:  Can I still purchase Web Only Stills and is there a difference in cost?
  A:  Yes, this option is available for $149.00 (plus tax).

Q:  Can I apply OLRMAX to photo shoots taken prior to today?
  A:  Yes, if you used OLR to shoot an apartment in the past Twelve (12) months, we can apply OLRMAX to the shoot for additional $50.00 (plus tax). Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction to this exciting new product.  We think you will find OLRMAX the type of solution that will help you become more successful at your business.


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